【MN Third-Party Addon】Jan 28th 2021: Mymarkdown- immersive Markdown writing experience with support for Markdown, Latex, UML flowchart, and tables

Mymarkdown: immersive Markdown writing experience with support for Markdown, Latex, UML Flowchart, and tables

Special thanks to yllgl for creating this addon and to Sushi for translating this article.

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This markdown addon is based on the markdown editor of stackedit. It aims to solve many problems of MarginNote’s official markdown plugin. stackedit has support for mermaid and katex, and it can satisfy more people’s needs for different workflows. With it, you will be able to write more formulas using katex and create flow charts, statechart diagrams, sequence diagrams, and gantt diagrams using mermaid.



Different from MarginNote’s official addon for Markdown, Mymarkdown has better support for inline formulas and display formulas. $your formula$ between a pair of single dollar signs will be displayed inline, whereas $$your formula$$ between a pair of double dollar signs will be displayed as display-style formula, meaning that it would take up a line of its own.


Mymarkdown uses mermaid to render different types of charts. So, if you want to create a flow chart of your own, please learn how to use mermaid.


This uses the same syntax as MarginNote’s official markdown addon.


Because of the limitations in the card editor’s size, Mymarkdown uses a single view instead of having an editing view and a preview view side by side. This layout will give you more space while writing your notes. To see the preview, you can simply click on the preview button.

Demo Video

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mymarkdown (1).mnaddon (3.5 MB)

Final Note

It is not easy to make such a addon for MarginNote. If you feel this plugin could help you, feel free to support it by hitting the like button or dropping a line below. Thanks for your love and support!


would it be possible to insert the source files to analyze?

2 quick questions:

  1. Is it possible to set the default font size in Markdown to be equal to font size in normal comments of a note?
  2. I tried to use ## to increase equation size but it does no display nicely. In particular, the bottom of integral sign is off-frame.

Good job !