【MN Third Party Addon】Jan 30, 2020: Instant Copy - automatically copy content into your clipboard

InstantCopy #Ver.1.0

Special thanks to Kulley from our Chinese forum and to QSD for his translation.

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Copy your content to clipboard automatically when the following gestures are recognized:

  1. Click a card.
  2. Click an excerpt.
  3. Change an excerpt.
  4. Create an excerpt.
  5. Select a paragraph.

Demo Video

(This demo video uses Eudic, a dictionary app that would automatically reads what is in your clipboard and searches the definition for it.)


Instant Copy.mnaddon (3.6 KB)


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It’s really easy.
Especially, it’s really worth working with other apps. I’ll use it well.

Hi, I love the idea. Unfortunately, when I click a card it only copies the title (if available) and otherwise one paragraph from the main body. I would be very grateful if you could fix this.