MN3 folder “On My iPadl

My workflow has been upload my pdf docs in folders I create under the MN3 iCloud folder. I have two questions. Does this mess up the syncing because I don’t see any database file under the icloud folder? I’m reading posts but still don’t understand how it works. The fact that such a cool,ex app,doesn’t have documentation is a head scratcher.

Second issue is that I do not have a MN3 folder under “On My ipad”. Should one have been set up by default? How do I get it to show up?




For your first question, this will not mess up syncing because iCloud has its own machinist to save the data, like you didn't see the file for the "NOTES" app but it could be synchronize among devices. And for the decode question, MN will not have a folder in iPad, you could use the same iCloud folder. If you are worrying about losing your data, you can backup your data in the settings.

And for the documentation, here is a manual, and I hope this could help you.

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Thanks for the link and details.