MN3 to MN4 mac transfer is not working & restore function not available

I have installed MN4 on my mac (and iPad), and I have tried, multiple times to transfer my MN3 database to MN4 using my mac. It asks if I want to transfer, it opens up MN3, and then it just sits there and does nothing. I’ve updated to the latest version of MN3.

The only way I could get it to work is by using the iPad - which has cloud sync enabled.

I also have another machine that doesn’t sync to iCloud and I don’t use an iPad for the content on that machine, so I need the transfer to work on mac for MN4.

As a related issue, there is no option to restore or import from backups in MN4… is that a “to be implemented” ability?

For backups you can use Open With and then select MN4.

So one alternatice approach for transferring data to MN4 would be to backup all data in MN3, then open the backup with MN4.