MN4 floating browser missing

Trying out MN4 right now, i am missing a feature, that made MN3 my favorite PDF-Reader. Im MN3 following www-links that are embedded in a PDF opens a small inline browser window, that floats over the PDF. This is such a useful feature as it allows a mostly distraction free research, what that link might hold! I am using it for CS Studies, as I am able to read sth about a code snippet and test that snippet online using the same app…
Edit: MN4 is just opening the link in my standard browser in a fullscreen Window which hides the PDF, so I will have to do a bunch of distracting things to reveal it again…
I miss this floating browser of MN3 in MN4. Did the devs forget to implement it or haven’t I been able to activate it? Yours, Verlen


Do you mean the research function, click on the :globe_with_meridians: icon in the upper right corner

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Support Team

No, though it looks much like that.
In MN3, long-tap on a word in a PDF document brings up a small pop up bar which allows me to copy, change colors, research etc. Tapping on Research will bring up a small floating inline browser, which will allow me to look up the word in Wikipedia, Google or whatever. Thats very handy and a feature of MN4 as well as many other PDF viewers.
The feature I am missing now appears when I long-tap a link to the internet in a PDF document. This brings up no pop up bar, but a small floating inline browser immediately. There are no further research options available except symbols for sharing, downloading etc.