MN4 Max Free Upgrade (from Mac License MN3 Feb-2024)

MN3 → MN4 upgrade wasn’t working when I downloaded MN4 for the first time, so I just purchased 1 Year option, planning to cancel before trial, and receive a free upgrade, but I I accidentally forgot to cancel the subscription.

You didn’t state what you wanted here but I am assuming it is a refund for the subscription.

This is something you’ll likely have to go through Apple to resolve. The subscription model is handled by Apple and not MarginNote. Still, while I hope you can get it resolved through these forums, I’d start the process with Apple because that may take some time.

As an aside and probably something you are now aware of, the DMG (or Paddle/direct purchase) versions of the app are not updatable at the moment. I consider this horrible planning by MarginNote, but that is neither here nor there. We must wait now for (according to the Chinese forums) three months.

Yeah, I also heard DMG version upgrade is going to take a while. So I’m thinking maybe I should delay the refund till then.