MN4 upgrade

Hi there

Some questions:

  1. MN3 used to store all documents in app. This leads to app size of GBs. Where does MN4 store documents?
  2. Can MN3 on iPhone access MN4 for syncing notes and documents?
  3. When importing from MN3 does it import all documents?
  4. What additional functionality in MN4 is not in MN3?


Hey NoMadd,

I do not know about question 1. and 2.
However, I can answer 3. and 4. and definetly recommend MN4.

  1. Yes. I had about 3 Semesters worth of Material, PDFs, Mindmaps, Notes, Literature and I had no problem at all with the import. Nothing is missing. I found all neatly importet in MN4 and had no issues whatsoever continuing my workflow. It got even better in fact. The way the files are structured in MN4 is much better as compared to MN3.

  2. Additional functionality:

  • Better file structure: You can now see ALL Material for each StudySet. No need to switch between documents-, mindmap- and study-view.
  • Instead You can easily deacivate the mindmap or document view as you need it.
  • Many usability improvements.
  • Easier notetaking in your script
    Those would be the improvements weighing the most from my perspective as a student


  1. You can store documents in wherever you’d like with one caveat, they must be on iCloud for the iOS apps to see them.
  2. Nope, they cannot see each other’s files except to import them. I do not think you can load MN4 files into MN3, but you can go the other way.

Regarding 1.

Documents don’t need to be on iCloud. They can also be imported directly via the iOS Finder.

However, studysets can only be synced via iCloud. Users can optionally enable syncing of documents in the study set via iCloud as well, or sync the study set without documents.

In the second case, only the mindmap will be available on iOS when opening the study set.

Regarding 2.

They are independent apps and can’t interact directly.

However, study set backups from mn4 can be imported into mn3. It gives a warning but from what I’ve seen all the mindmap contents get imported correctly.