MN4 user manual

As english user manual is bad you can use
MarginNote 4 使用手册 and translate it . :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Actually, if you check in the app itself there is a link to an English user manual. It’s under the Help tab.

Yes take look at Chinese is more helpful :thinking:

Okay thx for the tip, I will try this.

The link to the English manual is not working today, and the link to the Chinese manual never resolves to a web page.

Would be helpful if the MN crew recognized they have customers outside of China.

Chinese manual works for me on all devices and Chrome will translate most of it. I’d rather they get the DMG upgrades working before gaffing about with the manual, and as a beta tester I already have access to 4 on my Macs. But we each have our own priorities.

This small software company has a habit of making missteps, but I always cut them slack cause I have found MN to serve very effectively at what it does.