Modifying original document


I want to keep the notes that I did in MN but I want them in the original pdf document. How can I transfer these highlights, underlines, notes, etc. in the original document without exporting them and without needing the MN interface? I read a lot of posts and I didn’t find the answer.

To explain myself better, when I read and make annotations in LIquid Text this program automatically transfers my highlights, etc, to the original document (which is commonly located in onedrive). It doesn’t make me to export it or to copy it into any kind of different directory and I can see my notes in any pdf reader.

Is this possible with MN?

Thanks and sorry my bad english!

Dear Veronica,
Just to clarify. Is what you mean the following scenario?

  1. you saved a file to a location, e.g. cloud-based OneDrive
  2. you imported a copy of the file into MN
  3. you make annotations in the file that you imported into MN
  4. you now want to have the same annotations appear also in the file that is still located in the cloud-based location
    Is that correct?


Yes, that is correct


??? answer please

I would be interested in this as well. I don’t know how LiquidText does it, but it’s one of the best things about that app. I much prefer MarginNote for almost any other reason but I feel safe using LiquidText because even if the company goes under I know my annotations will be readable in any other PDF app, without having to actively export/back them up.