Move multiple pdf pages

Not much ever seems to be done with regards to feature requests, but I will try again. I pay the monthly OCR subscription as a means to support development efforts, but…. Yeah…. I‘m disappointed with the lack of development of late….

When pdfs become too large (in my case, 198 pages of pdfs from photos) marginnote becomes unstable on ipad (e.g. search, multi document view). It would be nice to fix the core problem (app stability), but also having the functionality to move multiple pdf pages to another pdf would be useful not only as a workaround for the stability issue, but many other use cases as well.

Also…. Please add proper Anki-like spaced repitition…. Anki is a pain, but without proper spaced repetition MN flashcard functionality is useless to me.

Literally just after I wrote this I tried to multi document view this workbook, MN crashed and now it is inaccessible…. It is now an issue for me…. Have logged a support post here

Please advise ASAP

I used to pay for OCR as well as means of supporting the development of the app. I understand that I might be difficult with one time purchase model (though they chose the model, so it should be sufficient). But I recently cancelled the subscription. This feels like an amazing app that’s been abandoned. No effort is being put into it at this point and I’m really frustrated by that. Good to see that I’m not the only one that feels this way.