Move selected except to mindmap

When I selected a sentence in a paragraph and tried to move it to the mindmap (text selection mode), it rendered as copied text and broke all the math equation. How can I force it to be working as using a rectangle frame ? (i.e., more like scanning the text rather than copy the text)

In this case, I cannot use rectangle frame to select because it would include the contents that I don’t want.

One way to solve this is to use polygon to select the content you want.

If you are still not pleased with this, my own workflow is first to select the text, and then use rectangle or other tool to select the formula and then click ‘merge’ (if the text before is already selected then there will be an “merge” option), or simply drag it into the content you selected before (as shown in the video).
Hope this works.

QSD - Support Team

Thanks for the reply.

For the first method, it is hard not to include other contents and also takes more time to produce an excerpt.

For the second, I think the math-rendering is not ideal, you can see from your example the E_{\lambda 1} is rendered not well. I just don’t understand why we cannot have a choice to render the math in scan mode when we select the text ?

Yes I know the rendering effect of selecting the formula as words is not quite ideal.

Personally speaking I also want such features like inline LaTeX, or setting the maths formulas as inline images when taking excerpts.

Please be aware that our team will certainly discuss improvements and possibilities about STEM subject’s formula display so that our users could have smoother experience using Marginnote.

QSD - Support Team