Moving Review cards to different categories

Hello! I have added several reveiw cards but I made a mistake by adding them to one single category.

I decided to organise my review or flash cards. So i created categories and new decks. But there is no option to move individual cards to those decks?

I know i can re add but I dont wish to loose my interval data.

How do i move individual flash cards to different decks?

Thanks @Support-Team


You can select cards in the deck and then export them to other card groups.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

I cant find the option to ‘export’. There is only add delete and tag options when i select cards?

Hi, It’s here.


Ah. I mentioned it! Thats not the solution. This option loses all the review progress. I mean how many times i revised the card. That statistics is lost completely. I think i mentioned that in the opening post.

There is currently no way to keep learning records and move cards. :sweat_smile:
Our development team is working on brain mapping-related features. Once the project at hand is complete, we will consider improving it.