Multiple freezes in study mode, almost unusable app

I would like to bring to your attention an important bug: when I am in study mode, every time I put the mind map in full screen I notice a freeze of several seconds before I can start writing on the mind map; then when from the fullscreen on the mind map I decide I want to see my documents, there is another important freeze of several seconds before the documents are visible. What can I do? The app is almost unusable in this way and the file I am talking about is not so large as to justify such an important lag …

PS. I have an Ipad pro 2020 128 Gb (many Gb of space still available) that has never given problems with any other app so far.


This may be because of PDF coding problems, in the main interface just entering the APP, you can click on the three points in the lower left corner to enter the global settings, in the global settings of the PDF options, change the PDF rendering engine, if you are now using the apple can be changed to Marginnote, if it is Marginnote to try to change to apple .

You can also try changing the tile engine in the advanced at the bottom of the global settings to Apple, which can effectively reduce the PDF card flashback problem. But white appears during a quick flip, which is to reduce memory pressure.

If it can be solved, congratulations. If it can't be solved, there may be no solution for the time being. Because the coding problem of PDFs is quite complex, only the relevant materials can be collected for later verification. If you can, please provide a backup file of your notebook and we will conduct targeted research based on your notebook situation.


Kind Regards,
Support Team