Multiple notebooks of same doc in one mindmap?

Is it possible to have more than one notebook of the same document in a mindmap?

Use case: I’m studying topic X and have three separate essay questions to explore as part of my studies.

Initially I want to annotate the document / paper for general points. Then I’d like to start again with a clean document / paper and highlight the key points relevant for essay 1. Then again for essay 2. Etc.

Ideally, now there’s child mind maps, I’d have all these essay questions in one overall mindmap.

I can ‘start again’ in document mode with a new notebook but can this be done in study mode?

Sure. It’s OK. There’re two way.
1’ you can directly switch the document to a new notebook in the document mode.

2’ you can add the document in your another notebook in the study mode.

Hi, thank you. But I don’t think this solves the issue.

The document is already added to the study mindmap. What I’d like is to then create a new notebook from that document and add that as well. Is that possible?


Sorry, maybe we have some misunderstandings.

I think you mean you want one pdf in different notebooks? If so, you can use the above solutions. Create another new notebook and you can have a clean pdf and a new mindmap.

If you mean you want to have one pdf in one notebook but different mindmaps or different annotations, you can use child maps. But the pdf cannot be cleaned. You can have different excerpts on the same area of the pdf, the excerpts and annotations can be overlapped and displayed at the same time.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Thank you - it was the ‘PDF can not be cleaned’ is the answer to the question. I would want to start again with a clean PDF IN the same mindmap for my use case. Thanks though.