Multiple search of terms that are related but cannot be found in the correct order and cannot be found in the same paragraph.

Hello, I would like to make an important contribution to improving your search function for PDF documents. Imagine you want to search for two or three terms that are not in the correct order but represent an important context for you. You now need an option that allows you to limit your search to half a page, or optionally up to three pages. You could search for several keywords that are more directly related.
I could imagine that I can easily implement this idea for you and marginally increase the resource consumption of the software, except for the search.
Kind regards, Sven


Yes, we want a feature where we can for example
Search “heart” and “sepsis” and give us the location where they are together
Search “heart” or “sepsis” and give us the locations where either are mentioned.
And as mentioned above as well
This would increase the productivity of our workflow in such a world full of information.

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Hi! Thanks! We will look into this issue :-)

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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