My corrections to OCR are always eliminated

Good morning. I have the following problem. When the OCR (language: Italian) translates me the scanned pdfs from which you get the cards, then of course I correct the errors that always arise. It happens, however, that in later moments (I still do not understand when this happens) Marginnote again restores the text to the original translation of the OCR canceling all my changes. This irritates me and weighs down my workflow. Could you help me? Thank you

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Hello, if this switch is turned off, will the situation still occur?

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Support Team

What have I to switch off?

Sorry, the image transfer failed.


I have this same issue. When you do an OCR fix and then change anything, it reverts back to the pre-OCR fixed state. Happens every time. Easily repeatable if Mods need to see.

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it’s a really annoying problem