My suggestions to improve editing of image excerpts

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They dont care this request unfortunately. This is ı think 10th (includıng mıne) feedback in the forum about the same subject…

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Wow.really? They are the must have features for editing of image excerpts.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion. We will definitely be considering this when we revamp the related features.

As of right now, you can use the MarkDown plugin from our forum to redefine the size of the pictures. You can also resize the node in the mindmap. However, it's not what you needed.

We care about our users' voices and their experiences using our app. However, due to the wide variety of feature sets in MarginNote, we can only revamp or improve them one by one. Sorry that your suggestion may not be addressed immediately, but we are working hard on trying to improve our apps.

Have fun learning with MarginNote!

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Have a fun by facing lies of MarginNote team.

I know it. But I have no option, except writing on here.
I have been writing to them for 3-4 months, but nothing has solved yet.
Really disappointed!

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