Native dark mode on iOS and MacOS


I would appreciate a native dark mode in iOS and MachOS, especially with a document vie in study and document mode with white pages and black text, also with images and graphics in the books not color inverted :slight_smile:

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Thank your for your suggestion. We are considering it.


Agree and also wondering why the dark mode is not black anymore?

Please, please, please implement this!

I just bought the iOS version, and I’m considering whether to buy the Mac version and commit to MN3 as my main tool, but this is possibly a dealbreaker. As someone else said in another thread on the same topic, there’s no reason to be clever here! Just copy Apple’s night mode! We shouldn’t have to mess around in settings, especially when that messes up other apps that do this right. Keep the current style as “dark gray or whatever”, but give us a real night mode. And yes, please put in a “match iOS dark/light” setting!

I should add that this app seems awesome in many ways, and I appreciate all the effort! I’m just frustrated by something so simple that has such a negative impact on usability.