New problem with PDF exports

I just exported a Note files in a PDF format using various MN3 PDF export option. I noticed that when I select “Export right margin,” MN3-produced PDFs does not include highlighted annotations. I’m bringing this to your attention so you can fix this particular problem.

Also, when I exported my file using “Export right margin,” it wasn’t clear what MN3 was suppose to produce in the right margin. As far as I can tell, it only includes a page number and nothing else. Am I missing something? If so, please explain. Thanks!

As you know, we’ve had a lot of problems with MN3 file exports (PDF, OmniOutliner, RTF, etc.), and have requested that @marginnote fix these problems – esp. with PDF files that we’d like to archive, as many users laid out in the post: How best to archive MarginNote-annotated files? I understand you’re working to fix many other parts of MN3 – especially problems with sync functions – but this remains another big problem that still needs to be addressed.


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Hello, jprint,

Please forgive me for my late reply. You and @JournoProf’s questions are always some key problems we now are facing and trying to solve.

Then let me answer these questions.

As you can see, the note list on the right margin just shows the supplementary content of the corresponding excerpt. So if you don’t add any comment to these excerptions, there will be only page number on the top right corner of the note card.

As to this question, I’m a little confused. I have had a test on my ipad, but the exported PDFs does include highlighted annotations. I wonder if you could give me two screenshots of your exported PDFs & PDF displayed on MN3?

Best regards!

Thanks for your reply, @Kevin_Support-Team. Please see answers, in turn, below…

I guess I’m not clear on what you mean by “supplementary content of the corresponding excerpt.” What does that mean exactly?

In the context of my document, I’ve highlighted select text in MN3, which appears in the Outline pane of the Notes view. For this particular document, I haven’t created any additional comments to those annotated notes.

So, when you say “if you don’t add any comment to these excerptions, there will be only page number on the top right corner of the note card,” do you mean that nothing will appear on the right margin, when selecting using “Export right margin" for MN3-produced PDFs, unless users include comments to their notes?

I will try to do this for you, but it’s a bit more complicated to share this document because it requires privacy protections. I’ve been happy to share screenshots with you, but this is a bit harder for me to pull off. I’ll do what I can, though. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to assist you…


Yes, that’s what I mean.

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If the PDF requires privacy protections, you can have a try on other PDFs( I think you can annotate on MN3 user guide and export it in the same way).


I see. Thanks. I thought that it was used to show notes in the right margin. Wasn’t that what MarginNoteX did when users selected “Export right margin"?? I thought it did.

Might be nice to bring back that feature (if possible)! I quite liked it, and thought it was a great way to show how MarginNote’s annotations actually looked in the margins of PDFs!
Please consider this for future editions… Thanks!

Ok, I’ll give it a shot and let you know…

Hi, jprint,

Thanks for your reply. Developer-min told us he would change the way right margin displayed in the next version , but I’m not sure whether it will satisfy your need.

Best regards!

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I have issues with PDF export too.

I just exported a notebook of 5 PDFs as a PDF.

The exported PDF was fine for the first PDF document contained within. The second one had the highlights misaligned for the first half of the document and the second half of the document showed no highlights at all. In fact the right margin altogether disappeared. Same was true for the remaining 3 PDFs.

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