New Update Makes Flashcard Fx Difficult

I was so excited to see that we can use “Recall mode” for flashcards with the new update. That’s until I started using it…

Couple of issues:

  1. Sometimes I highlight things in my notes (not for cloze) but to highlight importance. So now in flashcard mode, the highlights create a double cloze (see video). Obviously, I should just NOT cloze the text, and just use the highlight as the cloze; but that leads me to my second problem…

  2. If you have a flashcard with more than one highlight, it doesn’t reveal each answer one-at-a-time like in Recall Mode. Instead, in flashcard mode, the highlight clozes are all or nothing. They either cloze everything, or they reveal all the answers at once. This makes it hard to study the note. (see video)

How can I reveal each highlight cloze one-by-one??


1. We have realized this issue, and we will probably add a switch to turn it on and off.

2. I have reported this to the development team. Due to the limited APIs that we currently have, I am unsure if this is fixable.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Thanks for the update! Yes, I think an on/off button would help greatly.

It is a shame we aren’t to use the highlight cloze the same way as in Recall-mode, but it’s understandable. Still love the app!

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