No more exports to iThoughts?

Is MN3 no longer allowing users to export to iThoughts? This would cause a bit problem with my workflow, so I hope it can be included in future upgrades.


Any joy? Any thoughts about this…?

I see the option in mine to export to ithoughts, is it just not working for you?

In MargnNote 3? Really?

It existed in MarginNoteX, but no, I don’t see that option in MargnNote 3.

I see it here in V3

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Thank you.

I just figured it out. I was trying export from Document mode instead of Study mode. I don’t quite understand why one needs to necessarily convert an annotated document into a notebook just in order to export its annotations into a iThoughts format. Seems like an unnecessarily convoluted process just to get annotations into a iThoughts format.