Node colors: how u make use of them?

I have been using 4 different node colors in every mind-map. This is the number of colors I use steadily from one notebook to another. The colors are: 2 of bright tone and 2 of dark tone. In a mind-map the bright tone is followed by the dark one, and vice versa. The rationale behind this was to visually differentiate the nodes as they develop/expand.

With that in MN3 it is possible to filter the in-document search as well as the outline view by tags and by colors, and not making use of these filters makes me feel guilty :frowning:

So my question is to the active MN users, how do you use colors to employ those filters for your good, use scenarios and rationale behind it?

My use for colours may be a bit shallow but here goes…

If I find a topic has more than one ‘side’ presented in a given study I’ll use colours to denote varying thoughts. Once I’ve done the organisation, new material comes in I’ll usually just use colours to differentiate new, incoming material from old. I could just as well excerpt in place and create a group for the new material. Sometimes I use colours for tagging certain things or noting those excerpts that I feel were important or perhaps excerpts where I feel my own insights were particularly…um…insightful.

I guess it varies by project. Colours are probably the most amorphous tag system I use since they can be changed so easily. My hash tags are much more organised and deliberate.

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This is interesting. I have come to an idea to use red to denote very important things/key points (to focus on when reviewing/refreshing) and blue for (profession specific) time frames. Thanks.

I would love to hear what the devs intended the colors for when designing the product.