(Not) moving knots

Hello together,

how are you doing with the organization of the mind map?
It annoys me as hell (because it’s so time-consuming and always pulls me out of the flow) that I can’t even move the knots.
Very often - indeed mostly - I tap a knot to mark it and then desperately look for the spot that I have to tap with the pencil so that I can move the knot. In most places Marginnote tries to draw a rectangle or to move the whole mindmap.


Thank you for your letter, would you be able to upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

How should I
a) record a screencast (video) on the iPad without an extra app?
b) also only show clicks with the pencil?
What is so difficult to understand about the statement that nodes in the mind map cannot be moved?

A) Search google
B) take screen shot and write on it


Hi, I don’t know the system version of your device. I know that the iPad OS system offers the ability to record, but if you are unable to record video, a few screenshots would also help me better understand the problem you are experiencing.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Okay - I learned now, how to record a screencast on my ipad.
It’s not as self-explanatory as mouse movement + clicks, but it might be sufficient.
Hopefully in my screencast you can “see” how I click on nodes with the pencil in order to move them on the subsurface and in their relative position to other nodes.

I find this necessary because the nodes of MarginNote are initially usually placed in an unwanted position and / or the context is better established in certain groups.

In this video it works - nearly every second time - even more often than usual.!

Hello, cards under the frame cannot be moved because they are children of a certain parent card.
As shown in the video, the frame is just a branching style and these cards are actually still a tree structure.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

By the way, you can enable presentation mode for Marginnote3 with the following code, where all your touches or Pencil clicks will be accompanied by an animation.

Turn on presentation mode:


Turn off presentation mode:



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Thank you for showing this feature

Is there anyway that you know for showing Apple Pencil figure in present mode
For example in iPad notes app or pages app ?

Thanks, but that’s Windows right? How does it work on the iPad?
But even if not - clicks are shown here with red waves. I only know that with screencast software like Camtasia?

Okay, I commented my short example with camtasia because you misunderstood I think.

Lol, it’s actually a hidden feature. It can only be used in Marginnote 3. Our hack-tech.


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Hello, it also works on the iPad, just copy and paste this code into Marginnote3: we suggest adding a new note card and then paste the code into the comment field of the card. Next you’ll see that the code is a clickable hyperlink, and clicking on the code in Marginnote3 will open the corresponding mode.


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the specifics of your explanation. But thank you very much for the video you recorded, it could help us to reduce the cost of communication.
Are you referring to the fact that sometimes Pencil doesn’t click on nodes?


Okay - it is slowly becoming an unproductive occupational therapy, but I cannot work with MM as it is. These “small” but necessary corrections get me so confused …
Again: I don’t try more than to move certain areas, e.g. were groups or knots are placed on top of each other to sort them in a chronology or semantic order.
I mark here e.g. a group with a first click. Unfortunately, then I can click (and keep the pencil pressed) on the marked group anywhere - MM only draws rectangles (from start up, from sec. 15 a second group). At least in this example I can move a node within a group (from sec. 30).
So, what happens, what is to change?

I hope that helps