Note card: Allow Emphasis in comments as well -> improvement in review function

When I summarize several documents into a mindmap, I want to add my own thoughts / a summary to this note. Unlike text that was excerpted from documents, I cannot add Emphasis to these comments. Right now I have to change the text formatting to bold in order to highlight important words. This doesn’t carry over to review mode with flashcards.

Suggestion: Allow users to put Emphasis on their own comments as well.


Have added this advice to Emphasis improvement related. We have a plan to get fully use of emphasized words like words-builder or sth else. Thanks for your advice of this theme.

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Currently, the emphasis in Review mode is at here:

in study mode is here:

Probably at left of your screenshot.

In the future. we will do some mac optimization within this. But this period probably dont have time to do so.

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