Note creation without highlight (sticky note/post-it note)

How can I create a note without highlighting first?


Do you want to write a note next to a document without highlighting first or on the Mindmap?

On the Mindmap you just click in a blank space and press the + sign.

I don’t use the mindmap when reading. I figured out that clicking and holding creates a tiny highlight of the blank space where I can then make a note. I suppose it would then act as a sticky. But to make a note that isn’t linked to any part of the text, I suppose I would need to do as you say. It would be nice to have that in document mode, though Idon’t know how I’d see it in document mode.


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In iOS I could just tap on the right side and create a comment that isn’t linked to the text:

It is even like to the page of the document and moves with it.

Cool, that works. Thanks. If you add it in the mindmap, does is is associated with a part of the document? I don’t think I’d need a note like that, other than sometimes I think of something unrelated and want a quick place to make a note.

It is added to this list of unadded excerpts/ comments and includes the page no.:

Thanks Nils. I see how to do it. So yeah, there’s no way to take a note seperate from a page.