Notebook: Toggle to show/hide documents in the tabs

I have quite a few documents in my notebooks that I need to reference only from time to time. This makes the document space a bit cluttered. Right now I will reorder the documents to have the most-used documents available in the first tabs.

This is an okay solution and more an idea for some time down the road. If I could simply hide documents form the tabs this might improve the experience a little. I could imagine grouping the documents by categories here as well and using this to hide/show entire categories of documents.

I’m using MN3 on mac and I can see a “Search Document” box which can be used to filter the documents easily.

After several days of using MN, I now feel your pain …

I have about 20 videos for a course added to MN, and I’m pretty sure I’ll only study them in one notebook. But they are creating a mess when I try to manage documents for other notebooks…

One possible feature request about this: allow certain documents to be “marked as exclusive” to one notebook so they’re ignored by notebooks. cc @Lanco_Support-Team

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Thanks for your suggestions now as Preliminary Adoption.
We’ve worked a lot on across notebook excerpt by Drag n Drop Across Multi-Spaces. Hope will be helpful to reduce Doc quantity in one subject.

Support Team