Notes are misplaced inside the TOC (group by Table of Contents)

Hi. No matter what mode I’m highlighting from (Read/Study), how I’m highlighting or how new the pdf is, most of the times the new highlights/ notes are not properly placed. I’ve realised that they are always set under the last heading in the pdf page, so every highlight made above a heading in the middle (or bottom) of the page will be mis-organized below that heading. I have tested this in multiple pdfs thinking it was a particular problem of my pdf but it is not.

As I said in other post, autorganizing by TOC was the single thing that made me change to MN - I purchased it a few months ago but stopped using it because this never worked. Now I forgot it, and tried it again and was happy to see that it initially worked with my first highlight. Yet, not with the second, indeed the problem means that most times it doesn’t work, as most pages contain several headings and it becomes too cumbersome and time consuming to move them. I’d rather manually organize them from the beginning than re-organizing " the automatically organized" ones as it takes even longer.

Is there any way to circumvent this? Am I missing something (for a second time)? Is there a planned deadline for this to be fixed so that we know when we’ll be able to use it again?

Thanks a lot in advance,


I am sincerely sorry that MarginNote's note insertion has some problems, and especially when the headings are close, it struggles to place the note in the correct location. I will raise this issue to the development team again, but I am unsure if this problem could be fixed in the short term. Sorry for the inconvenience, and have a nice day:-)

Kind Regards,
Support Team