Notes disappear

Hi there,
My notes keep disappearing since I upgrade Margin note to the latest version. It’s really annoying. Can I get my notes back?
Thank you.

I feel your pain Milly, similar thing here. Just that in my case it has happened after merging mindmaps.
Hope they stop “adding features” and solve the multiple issues MN has. I reported some months ago and no hint of solution for them.
The first of the 2 pics below is part of the mindmap that I merge (or export) to another mindmap. The second is the only notes left in that new mindmap.

I selected to not to keep the originals and just to keep this one. So I thought I had losted it. Yet, I was lucky and clicking on the document from where these notes have been taken, still displayed the original ones. Now I’m not sure if trying again…


Hello, for this problem, 3.7.5 has been fixed it ~ you try it again

Kind Regards,
Support Team