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For MarginNote 3 users who are using obsidian or want to migrate to obsidian, MarginNote Companion is ready to be published! You can now use MarginNote 3 to read and create text/area excerpt on PDF files and easily import notes to obsidian with backlinks to MarginNote. It even support importing video notes (with media extended plugin installed)!

Check repo for introduction and guide: https://github.com/aidenlx/marginnote-companion

You can create an issue on GitHub if there is any feature request or feedback.


Hi, this doesn’t work for me. In Obsidian I get the message ‘failed to load plugin’. I copy the decompressed file to .obsidian/plugins, am I doing something wrong?
Also, idk what you mean by ‘copy three decompressed files’, there is only one folder I get after decompressing the zip.

I also can’t install the MN plugin, I don’t know how to install it on the Mac.

I’d really appreciate it if you could help me with this :slight_smile:

No how-to-use instructions provided at the GitHub repo. This is a nice idea, not fully baked. Please update this thread when the instructions are ready.

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You can find the guide at repo wiki, the link in README file is fixed now.

The decompressed folder should contains three files, and you should put the folder under .obsidian/plugins folder. Regarding MarginNote addon, you should be able to install it by double clicking .mnaddon file.

there is no .mnaddon file, there is a mnaddon.json file but when I click on it nothing happen :frowning:

here is the installer: https://github.com/aidenlx/obsidian-bridge/releases/tag/3.0.0

1.marginnote-companion-master.zip has a lot of files, which 3 files are you talking about?
2. I copied all the .js and .json files and turned on the plugin, but I still get error “Failed to load plugin margin note-companion”.


that’s exactly the problem I have too

Guys I found the correct URL, you have to download the .zip file from here:

Thank you OP for making this add-on, it could be of massive help to me <3


Installation succeeded.

I still cant make it from iPad

You’ve downloaded the source files😂, the zip file should be this one:

Guys I am not the software developer, I just figured where the file is on GitHub lol

Thanks for the great app.

I have some requests about the template.

(1)There is an extra line break in the template. Please make it possible to set line breaks in the template.

(2)I can’t seem to nest the list ‘-’. Please make it possible to nest them.

(3)I want to change the front matter. Please make it customizable.

(4)I would like to have the option to run my own template in “Toggle Auto Paste”.

(5)Serious problem.
If I leave the add-on on in Marginnote, I just select a part of the PDF and immediately it moves to Obsidian. “Auto” is turned off.(This is for IOS. It’s not a problem on MAC.)

Hi, I’m really intrigued by this (and thank you for creating it) - but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly.

I’ve installed the MarginNote add-on and copied the three files under the .obsidian folder as directed.

then I’m accessing using command-p. However, sometimes when I have note selected in MN, I get a ‘can’t use that template’ error in obisidian - but then at one point the same note got inserted into MN with the same action, but then a while later to returned to only displaying the template error. Any ideas as to what I’m doing to get the varying results, please?

You will need to do the following

  1. Make a folder .Obsidian/plugins/marginnote-companion and copy the three files in the build folder created after unzipping.

  2. Turn on the plugin in Obsidian.

There is a video of me showing how to use it at the following site. My explanation is also there, but in Japanese.:laughing:

marginnote-companion:PDFの管理アプリMarginnoteとObsidianの連携プラグイン(Mac/iOS)の紹介 : ObsidianMD_Japanese

Hi, that’s how I installed it, so thank you for reassuring me that I did that correctly.

Having seen your video, I realise that I’m doing something for which it was not intended, I think - I’m clicking on the note in the mindmap rather than on the pdf selection. My mindmap notes do not necessarily have excerpts but are simply notes. And sometimes they have more than one excerpt.

Interestingly, as I said, sometimes this actually worked and they came over to marginnote with the only glitch being that the first text in a note was formatted as an excerpt regardless of whether it was an excerpt or a comment. But at other times it failed due to not being compatible with the template.

Now I know I’m not using it as intended, I’ll give it another try. Thank you.

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In the plugin’s Setting menu, you can change the output format by modifying the Templates or creating your own Template.

You can find options in Template Syntax.