OCR doesn’t work properly

OCR is not working properly.
I did notice that the text is in italics, does this factor make a difference?

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Hello, Rebs,

Thanks for your feedback.

OCR(including OCR& OCR Pro) support recognizing italic text. I guess maybe the quality of your recognized file is poor.

For us to be able to reproduce the situation and investigate it, please us send the example of the original documents

We are looking forward to your reply!

MN Support Team

PDF is an existing document which is of good quality, not been changed since July when I got MN 3.
PDF is private so can’t post here.
I’m using OCR Pro and latest MN update but also using IpadOS 13.2.2.


In settings changed render engine to Marginnote, this worked for me.

Hi, Rebs,

Thanks for your reply. You are right. Using different render machine may lead to different recognition results. I’m so sorry that I forget to mention this point.

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So should we use the MN rendering or the Apple PDF rendering engine for best OCR results?

It might have something to do with my version of Ipad, I have version 13.2.2, MN was fine before I upgraded.
If your version works don’t change.


We introduced Marginnote render engine to solve frequent flashback problems in iOS 13/13.1. After Apple fixing the bugs in apple pdf render engine (iOS 13.2), we still use “apple” as the default render engine.

So in most situations, we recommend you to use original apple render machine. You can consider “marginnote” as a substitute.

Great thx! appreciate it

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