OCR fails

I have OCR pro subscription but everytime I try to use ocr online mode it shows ‘ocr failed please check network connection’ even when being connected to high speed wifi.I have even tried to restore purchase.It didn’t work.I have even tried connceting with other networks too.
Using latest version of marginnote 3 on latest ipadOS version
Please resolve this issue


The online OCR feature is using API provided by Baidu. If it constantly fails, please check the following things:

1. go to www.baidu.com and see if you can access it. If you can't, then Baidu may not work in your region.

2. make sure that you haven't banned any traffic to aip.baidubce.net, some firewalls may block it, but MarginNote 3 relies on it to make online OCR corrections.

Hopefully, this could help solve your issue. If it doesn't, feel free to drop in again.

Kind Regards,
Support Team