OCR Malfunction

I have been using notability and GoodNotes for a long time now. I wanted an app to concise my notes in tree format for quick revision. I read about MarginNote and thought to try it out. First of all It’s more expensive than both notability and GoodNotes combined. Moreover features like OCR are under inapp purchase. Anyway, I bought it. And guess what! The OCR performance is so poor that I already started regretting my purchase. I have really clear pdf files. The text is not even handwritten. It’s typed. Free apps on my phone read and convert those texts correctly even from a photo clicked of the file. This expensive app has failed to do that. A simple word like ‘Displaced’ is converted into ‘ Oispliiced’ and ‘fracture’ to ‘Froicture’. I tried to use the Autocorrect/auto fix issue which obviously doesn’t work. Please give me a resolution for this asap.


This should be an OCR issue, first of all is this PDF scanned? Did you use the OCR PRO feature, or did you pre-OCR this PDF externally using ABBYY? If the OCR was done externally, you can verify it by following these steps.

1. After the external OCR pre-processed PDF text layer is selectable, you can first send this PDF to other PDF readers, such as the IOS device comes with the "File" application, there is a default PDF reader, or PDF Expert, Document and other applications.

2. Then select the text of the problem, paste it into any text input box, and see if the error character appears.

3. If the error characters and Marginnote is the same, then it is OCR recognition of the content error, and Marginnote software itself is not related, you can open the OCR auto-correction function (need network) to see if there is improvement.

Kind Regards,
Support Team