" OCR not worth buying, needs improvement especially online

OCR pro not worth buying converts picture words into symbols and needs online checking for correction its really disappointing. Please fix this. . It’s cheap but we need you to improve this,

My internet is not fast usually needs 30 seconds to correct it online. This prolongs my studying time,

This can’t even correctly excerpt all the words in a picture even though the picture taken is really fine
1 already subscribe a year for this


OCR Pro should work for most scenarios. It works fine for me. You may need to clean up the OCR buffer in the settings to have a look again. As we are using third party APIs, there really is limited in what we can do in terms of the quality and speed of the OCR. Sorry about this issue.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

I recommend Prizmo for OCR. It’s available for both macOS and iOS.