OCR Pro subscription dont show on MacOs

Hello, I’ve subsribe to OCR Pro on my iphone. I’ve installed MN3 on from the appstore on my PC from the same account (Only have one) and it don’t show in the in-app purchase. Also on my iphone i’m able to select text from scanned PDF and not on my Macbook. Can you help me please.


Hi! I am sorry that currently, the OCR Pro feature is not offered on the Mac. As we use ABBYY's engine for the OCR Pro feature, ABBYY does not allow us to use its mobile engine on the desktop. Using the full engine would mean that the price of MarginNote would rise significantly (See the difference between DevonThink 3 and DevonThink 3 Pro), which we are unwilling to do. We are still seeking OCR solutions on the Mac. Meanwhile, you could try to OCR your document with other OCR services such as ABBYY Finereader, Adobe Acrobat, and more. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
Support Team