Open links in system browser

Currently all links in a PDF, which clicked, opens in the builtin browser. Could we have an option to open it in system browser instead? E.g. sometimes a link is to a complex which is better to be opened in chrome.

If I remember correctly, iOS does not yet allow you to change the default browser, which is always Safari. It may be possible in the next version of iOS.


Sorry If I didn’t make it clear - I’m talking about the Mac app.

Ah, try this:


Sorry but you still don’t get me. By “builtin browser” I mean the webview opened inside the MN3 mac app window. See the screenshot below.

The feature I want is to be able to open the link in an outside browser instead of in the builtin one. Right now I have to copy the link and do that manually.

Hi @lins05,

see the attached screenshot. The icon in the red rectangle is what you need. (Version of MN3 is 3.6.4)

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