Options for copying

When I load various documents and extract sentences from them to the mindmap, I can’t see where I’m quoting from.

I’d like to have next options to automatically add to copys

  1. Title of the document and page number of the original document.

  2. Link to the original document.

Thank you for your feedback, would you be able to upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

The image is a feature of (l). The green color line is the function in (2), but I couldn’t figure out how to get document links.

To begin with, there is no function to copy the title of a document or acquire links, so I would like to see that function added as well.

Hello, please click on this button, hope this helps you.

Which button do you mean by ‘this button’?
What buttons can I press to copy the title and page numbers of documents?

Hello, it’s this button.

Hi,It’s the same explanation and I don’t know what it means. Please elaborate on the specific steps in the text or screenshot.

And, I would add,I think this request is important because copyright is an issue that matters.

For example, when writing a research paper, we will need to provide the source of the citations.

Also, when students write reports, I believe that they will be made aware of the distinction between their original and the cited references.

With this in mind, I think one way to do this is to always add the source of the citation to the copy.

However, I would like to see you provide an option to not add it, though.

Hello, each note card has an arrow to the right in the top right corner to click on to see the source of the note.
Could you tell us more about the source of the citation that comes with the note? Is the citation source a reference to guide the inclusion of the original document name and page location when making notes?

Thank you for your reply.
However, the focus is off.

It’s not about seeing the source of the notes, I want to copy and quote the source of the notes.

Moreover, what I’ve been requesting from the beginning is that I made the notes when I was looking at multiple documents.

When I copy text from different documents, not the original document, and add it to the comments of the note, I want to name each comment with the title of the document from which it was taken.

For example, I’ll create a note by extracting a person’s name from a document A.
Then, from other documents B and C, I extract the text about that person and add it to my notes. When I look at the cards that aggregate them, I need the source of each quote. (next screenshot).

(You should be able to see it in the previous screenshot.)

Best regards.

Okay, we’ll think about it. I have raised your request to our Development team, but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.