Overheating on iPad Air 5th gen (M1)

I have a very problematic heating issue with my iPad Air 5, that I didn’t have before with an iPad Pro 2018 (A12X bionic). When I’m in study mode, whenever using the pencil it heats a lot, making it very uncomfortable to use. There is a similar Reddit post concerning this issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/ipad/comments/15thea7/i_pad_air_heating_issues/

There are other posts on apple forums, bringing this issue on apple notes. I believe it might be something related to pencilkit, I don’t feel MarginNote itself could be causing such an issue with a powerful chip such as M1 (I have a M1 MacBook Air and MarginNote is flawless with it, doesn’t spend that much battery), it spends a lot of my battery power.

Please, could the devs help? I went full marignnote now, only using it for studying and I don’t want to abandon because I mastered it now :confused:

Update: it seems to be overheating with study maps that have plenty of drawing, I don’t know if the same applies to big mind maps with lots of cards. Anyways, I’m a little bit frustrated because I wish it could be my study app of choice now :confused: