Page limit for PDF file?

Hi! I am new here–only about an hour into using MarginNote–and am having trouble (which I’ve reported to MarginNote) with a very long PDF. I’ve annotated just the first few pages and tried to export the annotations, but the export fails each time. I am wondering whether the PDF (over 400 pages–it is a dissertation I have to review) is simply too big for MarginNote to handle. Is there a limit to the size of the PDF the program can deal with?

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There are no exact page limits. But some pdfs has few pages also could consume lot of RAM which may cause crashes on low-end ipads.

Hi, Min. Thank you for responding. I’m using a Mac Pro (an oldish one) with 24 GB RAM. I tried splitting the enormous PDF into pieces (each one still quite big), but now the original huge PDF is stuck in MarginNote so tightly that when I open the program I immediately get a warning and a freeze. I can’t even delete the file.

So far I haven’t heard a word from the MarginNote technical people.

Oh–you are the MarginNote technical people, aren’t you? I am sorry for taking you for another user.

Yes, I’m the tech people.
You can manage docs in " ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents", you can remove the file caused freeze.

Thank you. When I restarted MN for maybe the 10th time I managed to delete the huge file. I’ve now opened another, smaller PDF, 2.2 mb in size. Will this one also be too big to handle, do you think?

It turns out the 2.2 mb PDF was too big indeed. When I highlighted one line, MN choked on it and froze.

I think it may be a format issue, could you share me the 2.2m pdf?

I have just emailed you the PDF in its original form. It is not my work but that of a student, so I am hoping it won’t appear before the entire forum.

which email address have you sent?

I used I’ll try sending to the address you mention.

Just received, but not reproduced your issue(froze). how to ? what’s your device type?

I am using a MacPro (mid 2010) with 24 GB RAM. The OS is 10.14.

I’ve had the freezes happen with MarginNote and several other programs open at once and also with nothing else open but MarginNote and Path Finder.

I note this is slightly wrong - should be “~/Library/Containers/com.QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents”

Thank you, bibbs1000. I found it and now have the folder saved in Favorites.

There are some suspicious files may not open by Adobe Reader platform due to security issues. There may generate some errors similar to Adobe error code df024 that must be resolved by them.

  1. Check MarginNote System Requirements
  2. Split the PDF into Smaller Chunks
  3. Export Specific Pages or Annotations
  4. Reduce Image Quality in Annotations
  5. Consider Alternative PDF Readers for Annotations
  6. Contact MarginNote Support



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