Pdf importing/reading error

hi there,

My whole document library was deleted by editing single pdf document in that library. Unfortunately, I do not have the log of that…however, every time now I try to import any document in the library, its giving an error of pdf


its very frustrating that no new pdf document is getting imported and existing ones are already deleted.

Hello, cag.ptca,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. Could you please send us the PDF file?


thanks for your reply but unfortunately, I am not able to share the pdf file due to privacy reasons. if anything else I can do to fix this pdf loading error, please let me know. its very frustrating.



I’m really sorry about it. But I want to confirm that whether you cannot import any PDF or just can’t load one certain document(Review Biostat 2016.pdf). By the way, if it’s possible, could you give us more detailed information.



it is happening for every document I am trying to import

here is latest import try

It does seem strange. Could you please try the sample PDF and tell me whether there is still the same problem?

Then, if it works. Please copy PDFs with loading errors to this folder: ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents
and then open the files again in MarginNote3. We want to know if it’s a problem of import.


sample pdfs are already disappeared when all other pdfs of the library got deleted.

You are expected to re-import the user guide pdf by clicking the “quick guide” button.

thanks…it worked…I placed some different pdf in above path folder…and it worked. thanks

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Hello, cag.ptca,

I’m happy that the problem is solved. But I wonder if these PDFs can be imported to the MN3 by clicking the “import” button instead of directly pasting them into the path folder?

Thanks again.


No!! none of the pdf actually got imported…in fact, they showed imported initially and then used to disappear automatically within few seconds.

Regarding directly pasting into the path folder…I pasted only one pdf in path folder and tried to open with marginnote which resulted in (to my surprise) showing list of all the pdfs synced with iCloud in my marginnote.

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Sorry to hear that you lost files, I had that happen to me (not in MN3) many times before. Now, I have at least two copies of important digital stuff. If I combine something, that’ll like be with copy#3… sounds silly, but that is how I build and preserve my digital collections now. gl