Pdf mind map multi page export - cleaner gui

Hello, I have been testing MNote and the more advertised LText. Both impressive softwares, but Margin mind map is amazing.

The huge problem is that the mind map has no valid way to be printed or saved as a pdf to read!

It would be sufficient to have a grid beneath the mind map showing vertical or horizontal a4 pages, and then knowing that it is possible to export the map as pdf pages.

I’m still trying to decide which software should I use… I really do not like liquid lack of structure, but it exports printable things without much extra work needed, Margin is by far the best software, but the maps are uselessly trapped in a one-paged pinch to zoom nightmare.

P.s one good thing of liquid is that excerpts are like paper cuts, they have almost no border or margin, this saves space and makes the notes highly readable. Maybe reducing the margins between elements, and the internal margin, border, colored bar on top of excerpts, will make the map more usable.


I strongly agree that :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

You can try making framework white for easier interface

After a test, I realized that all the excerpts i take are considered by MN as if they are very small objects, and thus the margins and the coloured bar and the space between nodes are huge, but if I finish the whole mindmap and scale everything up, it gets much better! Is there a way to set the default scale?

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Sadly there isn't way to adjust default excerpt size, so zooming in is a temporary alternative.

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