PDF not shown in full length on IOS

The attached pdf is shown with full length on Mac but not on IOS. Scrolling ends at about 2/3rd of full length. Not able to work below on iPad.
Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method • Zettelkasten Method.pdf (3.3 MB)

I have no trouble with this on IOS in a very dense study I loaded this PDF into. That being said, I’ve never had great luck in any of the tools I use (DevonThink for PDFs primarily) with single page web converted PDFs. They are just cumbersome to work with unfortunately because I also find page breaks cumbersome.

If this was happening to me and someone else (like you) couldn’t duplicate the bug then the first thing I would do is clear my iPad’s memory by double tapping on the home button and swiping up on all of the loaded apps. This might free up enough to view the whole file.

But honestly, given my history with single long-page PDFs, I’d go recapture a paginated version of the page instead just to be on the safe side.

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:clap: for this extensive answer. Will try freeing up memory (or perhaps a new ipad :wink:).
You are right, these PDFs come from DT, sometimes from ipad screenshots. Pagination seems unnatural in these cases (and don‘t know how to do with screenshots).
One trick did work lastly: changing to portrait mode showed the whole file and this was kept when changing back to landscape.


If you paginate pdfs, you read them vertically in the APP, instead of turning pages. Will you feel more comfortable using it like this?

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Although turning pages is OK reading vertically for marking/understanding seems more natural to me as I often need to

  • change zoom level
  • scroll up and down to see previous/following pages

Doing this with pages is additional unnecessary pausing between changes of location. So, yes, I like vertical reading more, especially on small iPad screens.
And as I said before: iPad (my main device) screenshots from Web with “Whole document” setting are vertical without even the possibility to paginate.