PDF Outline Export Out of Memory Crash

Here is a bug report.

How to reproduce it:

  • open a MarginNote notebook with 1000+ notes
  • Organize -> Expand All
  • try to export the notebook as PDF with only Outline selected


  • iPad 8 (2020)
  • iOS 14.3

What is observed:

  • some time after starting export of outline, the app crashes.
  • a JetsamEvent file is created with the relevant part like this:
    “uuid” : “ef496031-c526-3e17-9d85-4b37fe150afe”,
    “states” : [
    “killDelta” : 2911,
    “genCount” : 0,
    “age” : 652169420,
    “purgeable” : 3818,
    “fds” : 50,
    “coalition” : 521,
    “rpages” : 118399,
    “priority” : 10,
    “reason” : “per-process-limit”,
    “physicalPages” : {
    “internal” : [
    “pid” : 411,
    “cpuTime” : 28.873401000000001,
    “name” : “MarginNote 3”,
    “lifetimeMax” : 118401
  • Here is a video:

If desired I may upload my backup file.

Kind regards


Sorry for the late reply. I have informed this issue to our support team and it might be a RAM issue.
It would be helpful if you could upload your backup file, the marginpkg format.


Regarding this issue, if you wish to let us have a look of your mnpkg file, please send an email with your file to service@marginnote.com , with “To QSD” as title and paste the website of this post in the body.

Very best

The marginnote backup file has been provided to the e-mail as requested.
Kind regards! :slight_smile:


We will evaluate your problem shortly and get back to you within 72 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Very best
QSD - Support Team

Hi there.

Sorry for getting back to you so late.

We have tried to export your largest MindMap (the outline), but on our side it succeeded.

Here is a screenshot for your exported file. If you feel you don’t want others to see this, please inform us so that we could delete it ASAP.

As the export works from us here, my personal guess is that the chip of your device cannot withstand such great data process so it crushed. As suggested before, it could be an RAM issue.

What I could only suggest here is to turn your iPad off and on again and do not open other software while exporting this. Perhaps by doing this your export can be successful.

Also, we would be very appreciated if in the future you could send us only the Notebook you encountered some error, rather than the entire backup. To do this, please open your Notebook, click the share button (at top) and choose “Export Marginnote Backup File”.

Please contact us whether your export works.

Very best
QSD - Support Team

Did you try to reproduce this on iPad?

BTW: the exported outline looks completely broken. The excerpts are all cut etc.

Did something change in the recent version?
I have used Outline until now to generate my own compiled version of a book… I can’t go back in version now :frowning:

Hi. Could you specifically identify the exact Notebook with which you encounter a trouble?
Again, we would appreciate it if you could send us the exact backup file (you can export it just above where you export in PDF Format). It is currently difficult to identify the exact file among your 6GB total backup… .

Also, it might be helpful if you could try to dragging rect to select the cards you wish to export

and then click the ‘more’ button below and export it to another new notebook.

And see what it would go if you try to export it in the new notebook.

Again, we feel very sorry for the inconvenience.

I will open a different thread. This is a further bug/unexpected behavior/feature regression with the newest version I can reproduce and provide a video for. @QSD_Support-Team

Considering the original issue; iOS kills the app because it reaches the maximum allowable amount of memory in use by a single process (as indicated by JetsamEvent with “per-process-limit”). If I calculated correctly (at 4 KiB page size), from the above page count it is about 1.9 GB of memory in use on a 3 GB iPad 8 system.

I am not convinced that this behavior is expected or not a bug.

No worries, I am quite patient. :slight_smile:
I want to continue cooperating with you so I can either find the issue or help you fix a bug or two.

That would be very helpful.
Thank you so much!

Currently I am experiencing trouble with exporting “Automatisierungstechnik”, the app crashes with the original issue. No restarts or closing of apps helps.

We feel very sorry about this crush and I will try to extract the Automatisierungstechnik file to our specialists shortly to see if we could do anything about it. I will also forward your theory of Jetsam Event.

Meanwhile, could you still use this Notebook?

Before getting feedback from our specialists, my personal suggestion at this moment could only be trying to seperate the Notebook into two or more notebooks. Quite annoying though, I know :(, but currently this is the only advice I could have.

Still you could try to follow the instruction above to export some cards to other Notebook.

Sorry I failed to locate this Notebook.

Is this the one you want?

Also, in case you urgently require the export file, I could help and send you the export file if you want. Just name them.

Yes, it was “AT Lunze”. My bad. Currently I do not require it urgently however.

I will work with the workaround you suggested.

However the export function currently is useless for a different unrelated reason I have created a different thread for.

Hi there.

Our export uses graphics card texture rendering to generate a PDF from zero. So it is quite RAM-consumable for a very large project, and there are indeed issues on some devices with relatively smaller RAM. It is recommended to use Mac for exporting big Notebook, or our service team can always help you export your files if you wish.

For this weakness, we are currently looking for commercial export module procurement to deal with this issue and we have made some progress. But it requires time to negotiate and handover. Therefore there are uncertainties of when this problem can be solved.

We feel extraordinary sorry for the inconvenience we have caused for your study, and so much thanks for you pointing out this issue to us.

Right now I could still only suggest splitting up the notebook as above. Please do get in touch with us if you further meet any problem or have any advice about our software.

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