Pdf render speed

The render speed of pdf page flip in full page view and scroll and speed of generating thumbnails in thumbnail view is very slow in scanned pdf.(in half page view in study mode, pdf flipping is fast but thumbnails are slow)
In comparison to Flexcil and xodo and liquid text, your pdf scroll, page turn and thumbnail view is very very slow and laggy.
This is a software problem in device like iPad Pro 2017 with plenty of ram and powerful cpu.
Please consider it and compare your app with above software.if you want I can give you more information and also some video and files that I am using for better testing and problem solving,
I tested the margin note 2 and it was better than 3 in flipping speed. Mn2 thumbnail generation was different but was not as fast as other software too.


Slow thumbnail generation is a problem shared by many others. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

However we have not yet heard many reports about slow scrolling and page turning. Could you try switching the PDF engine, and try again? If that does not work, we’d appreciate it if you could give us more details.


Hellthank you for your response
I have created 3 videos for explaining the problem
This videos are SLOW MOTION 1/4 actual speed in the exact time of the occurrence of the lags.

I have compared xodo with margin note in 3 situations: vertical scroll, horizontal flip and screen rotation. Albeit flexil is much smoother than both but in this video I only tested xodo and mn3

I should add that changing the pdf rendering between ios and margin note had no difference

Do the support team see the videos?