Periodic refresh of the mind map area, bothersome

MN 3.7.14, Big Sur 11.6, iMac 2017

It doesn’t seem to matter which study I have open but when I’m working with a PDF and excerpting and organising the excerpts, the mind map region of the screen periodically refreshes and it’s extremely annoying. This only started occurring in the latest version.

If other users could either let me know if you are also seeing this or not then I can try to troubleshoot it further. I’m also running a MacBook Pro with the same configuration and this refresh is NOT happening on that machine.

Edit: as a side note this is usually when my mouse cursor (and my eyes) are on the document, not the mind map. So it is refreshing off to the side.

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You can use the list to organize excerpts

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If I wanted to organize excerpts in a list or outline then I could use any number of other tools to do that. I use MN specifically for the mind map like organization.

I’m not Actively in the mind map region when the refresh occurs. The refresh occurs when I’m reading the document. It happens about once every 2 to 3 minutes.

The mind map region just flashes with a refresh for no reason at all.

This refresh seems to have stopped happening out of the blue. I’ve no idea why as nothing has changed in my workflow but I’m relieved to see it is no longer happening.