Please add an "Append to" option to merge additional content to a node instead of creating a child


There is this behaviour that was really convenient of the (+) button that popped up when highlighting or selecting with the “Select tool” on MarginNote 2. When dragged onto an existing node, the note would append itself to the node and not become its child. In MarginNote 3, it just creates a child.

It was especially useful when highlighting different section of a paragraph that is spanned onto different pages, for example. Or to add more content to a review card. The Framework layout could be used for this, but it would span different review cards instead of a single one.

I know you can just select a parent node and their children and Merge, but if you could add an “append to” option, it would be great.


I also preferred it when dragging a highlighted text to a node would merge it to the node instead of creating a child. This feels like something that should be configurable to the user’s preference.