Please add focus and focus parent buttons in pop up of excerpt at document itself

Aim - want to create mindmap in background while i study from document WITHOUT looking at the mind map.

Problem - right now to make parent child relationships we constantly have to look at mindmap and then get back to document breaking my flow of studies.

Solution - Adding a focus and focus parent buttons in the popup we get just after making an excerpt should solve this problem.

Benefit - no longer switching to mind maps and backforth to document. Background structured mindmaps are created while we make exceprts in document.

Hope I could explain the situation.



Yessss very neeeded.

This is an excellent idea. Would be very useful.

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Hi. How do you determine where to generate a new excerpt?

Sorry. I did not understand your question?

He meant this @Edward_Support-Team
Am I wrong @Faizangmc ?

Yes. A similar button for focus and parent focus.


“parent focus”

What exactly does that mean? Turn on the focus mode of the parent node of the note card?

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Support Team

Yes ofcourse. That is what the button is labelled in margin note 3 “focus parent”. I dont know why its so difficult to get.