Please fix focus mode export to pdf in v3.17.3

Please fix the focused mode export to pdf function, it no longer exports the focused node only, rather it is exporting the whole study broken since 13.7.1


I have tested it on my devuce and there is no problem as you mentioned. Would you please provide a screen record?

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Support Team

Please check the video below
Marginnote 3.7.3 export to pdf in focus mode bug

Here is another example of failure to export only the focused node

Hi. I have the same issue: I cannot create a pdf of a focussed branch of my map using Mac. I want a pdf of all of the pages, included the annotations created in MN3, but instead it starts processing every page of every pdf, taking a very long time and not producing what I want. Thanks

Help please, the bug is still persistent :’(

:frowning: ironically think I have to live with it and keep copying nodes to a new document and then exporting that to pdf. It adds unnecessary friction to my workflow. Really hope devs would listen and bring back the old school focused export to pdf only.