Please let me 'speech' the whole document

I love MarginNote, it has everything I was looking for (both epub and pdf support, annotation options, pdf editing) and more (mind maps, flash cards, study mode, research). However, the one key feature I need because it improves drastically my reading speed/motivation/concentration and therefore my productivity, is kind-of-missing. I want to be able to read the whole document, NOT ONLY THE HIGHLIGHTED PARTS. Selecting page by page and then ‘speeching’ it makes no sense and feels stupid. The text-to-speech interface from PDF Expert is pretty neat, it is exactly what I am looking for (regarding tts).

This is the only thing that keeps me hesitant about buying this and not PDF Expert. Please :pensive:

Hello, armi3,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum and thanks for the information provided.
I get it and will record your requests to our feature list.

Best regards!
MN support team

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Nice!! Thanks Bryan. :smiley: