Please share the list of known bugs

Hello MN team,

I can tell MN team is very busy by looking at frequent version releases and the list of “Fixes xyz” in the release note.

I presume that you internally have a list of bugs and improvements to-do list for development.

You should open that and share the list with the community.

When I encounter a bug, I don’t know if you guys are aware of this bug and whether this is only happening to me or happening to everybody.

If you share the list of bugs and let people hit likes (= this happened to me too) people would not have to post the same bugs on this forum and you will also get a better picture of concurrent bug that you have to prioritize.

It can be shameful, but it will be helpful.

Share the known bugs.

It’s a small company - unlikely they have the time or staff to do this.

It’s a Chinese company - it’s very likely that the bug database is in Chinese.

I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask, but let’s be real about it. Their documentation isn’t even up in English yet, their DMG has yet to be released, their iPhone version is being worked on. Maybe, if we are very lucky, we might see a “road map,” in Chinese.