Please sort sync out

Please sort sync reliability out. I am so over working on one device (Mac) only to find it won’t sync to another (iPadOS).


It’s a real problem.

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I can’t even get it to sync between iPad and iPhone :frowning:

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I actually have no issues with it syncing from Mac to iPad to iPhone. I noticed that you actually Don’t have to do anything for it to sync. If you try to use the sync button then yes, it doesn’t seem to work.
Just wanted to let you know that it might not just be from the app, maybe iCloud setup or your WiFi.

The sync actually works in my experience, and it happens automatically. BUT it is super super super slow between iOS and OSX devices. How long time-wise? My guess is as good as yours. But if you do many edits on many documents then it becomes more complex to check when/if it has finished.

So here are two workouts:

  1. Leave the OSX and iOS softwares active all the time, so any small changes on e.g. iPad would mirror directly on the MacBook. This may not very efficient depending on your work style.

  2. Forget about the OSX version and use the iOS only. It is a very good software.

I opted for the second choice.

Thanks, but there are several problems with this approach for many users who depend on using MarginNote’s MacOS version.